Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique, and has the right to be cared for and to develop in a positive, safe nurturing environment that supports the child's wellbeing.


EACH Child is a family-centred childcare service of EACH, providing an inclusive community of care and early childhood education in Ringwood East. 

EACH Child families are supported by a team of Early Childhood Educators and EACH community health professionals that offer a range of integrated family services. 

We communicate and advocate high expectations for all children. We are committed to supporting every child’s rights, individual learning and development. We listen to the “child’s voice”, promote choice and provide opportunities for all children to reach their full potential. 

We are committed to equity and respect diversity in all its forms and recognise its contributions to our community. 

We are committed to establishing and maintaining responsive engagement and respectful relationships with families and children. 

We recognise all  children learn and develop differently. We build on the children’s strengths, abilities, interest and curiosity to make sense of the world around them. We provide play-based learning and a range of integrated teaching and learning approaches. 

We believe assessment in early childhood learning and development is an ongoing cycle of observation, analysing learning documentation and planning.

We strive to continuously improve our unique service through the process of reflective practice.