Our programs

eachchild believes in and utilises the following principles when planning activities for
the centre.
Every eachchild program endeavours to:
  • build knowledge and understanding of the learning framework to ensure enhancing learning outcomes;
  • ensure that enhanced learning outcomes are a priority for all age groups;
  • learn about eachchild and their strengths, abilities and interests;
  • make decisions about children’s daily experiences and routines and liaise with the child’s significant others;
  • ensure that experiences and routines are child-focused rather than adult-focused;
  • support every child’s participation in the program;
  • demonstrate that we value children’s ideas, thinking and interests; and
  • improve the ways children are engaged in making decisions about their own learning.

We have rooms and services to fit all early learning needs. All rooms are staffed with qualified, industry professionals.

We also offer occasional care, and integrated services for children with special needs.